Neuro Alignment 8 Week Transformation Journey

By spending lots of time with my clients and building up relationships, we became friends. I discovered that it was the people themselves that were making the changes. It was clear to see, the people that were making committed, dedicated strides to their own recovery, were the ones that were having remarkable improvements in their quality of life.
Have faith in yourself; develop confidence in your own power, reliance upon your own resources. If you believe you can, you will; if you think you can’t, you won't.

I am not for one moment suggesting it will be easy, it won't be but it's possible to improve, I have many many clients that have.  See the testimonials below.  Unfortunately, as Parkinson's is defined as a "Degenerative brain disorder without a cure" it doesn't give much hope but there is new incredible science out that show's how the brain can heal and we work on those basis of Neuroplasticity. 

There is much truth in the old Latin motto:

"Possunt quia posse videntur." They can, because they think they can.

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.
— Henry Ford 1947

Neuro Alignment is a super successful 8 week personal transformation journey for people with Parkinson's, it will give you the knowledge and skills to have the lifestyle to live a better, healthier and happier life.  This is a lifestyle program that encourages and assists you into making the necessary changes in bite sized, easy,  manageable steps and we practice them together daily until they become your healthy habits.
This is a combination of scientifically proven techniques and spirituality teachings to prove that the body and mind can heal. We are in control of our own destiny.  This transformation program is based on and includes the work of the World's top Neuro scientists, Medical & Spiritual Doctors and Behaviour Specialists including Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Andrew Humberman, Dr. Rangan Chattergee,  Dr. Bruce Lipton,  Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckart Tolle, John Assaraf,  Rev. Michael Beckwith, Jay Shetty, Jack Canfield and many many more.

Some of the results we have from our past participants are:

✓ Increased mobility and flexibility
✓ Increase energy
✓ Increased level of overall happiness & Confidence
✓ Tremor Reduced / Better control over tremor
✓ Less anxious and depressed
✓ Can turn around in bed
✓ Sense of smell returned
✓ Handwriting dramatically improved
✓ Couple of members came off their anti-depressants
✓ Longer on times / medications working longer
✓ Sleeping better

100% of Participants have said Neuro Alignment has improved their quality of life beyond expectations and they would absolutely recommend to their friends.
How does the program work?
Every week there is a specific theme to get into Alignment with and we focus on that theme every day for the week.  We learn about the importance of it in bite sized chunks and practice the modality everyday until we can see, feel and notice the benefits and it then becomes easier to form that healthy habit.  Example: learning how to breath properly is one of the most important things you can do to improve your quality of life.  You'll hear from world experts the foundation of health is breathing properly and will practice this everyday for a week, you'll be so surprised but notice a significant improvement and that will be your motivation to keep up that daily practice into the future, long after Neuro Alignment is finished.
Another week we will be working on mindset and how we can heal ourselves through the mind and focusing on what we can control and you'll be amazed at the latest research to support this evidence.   Even people on the original course were stunned at how much control we have over our body and brain that we just didn't realise.  We share these tactics and teachings of Neuro scientists that explain Neuro plasticity and how we can change our own brain.  Again by doing daily practices, we are changing our brain and creating new and empowering habits that will improve our quality of life.
Another week we focus on mindset and meditation and show you scans and real life images from Neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza how meditation improves the brain for people with Parkinson's. Lots of people have a misconception about mediation and think they can't or "it's not for me" but there are lots of different forms of meditation and we will find the right one for you. 
How do I access the program?
The course is conducted through a private Facebook page where Irene give's short live talk's every morning about the theme of the day/week which is supported by a video or scrips by some of the World Renowned teachers.  Everybody watches the videos and shares their learning with the group through the private Facebook page which is so beneficial in many ways.  The participants learn it themselves, share it and then learn from other members who share their learning.  This method of learning has proven to be super effective, especially for remembering and helping to take action. Plus we learn fantastic tips and techniques that have worked wonders from other members in the group.
The daily videos are released on Facebook every morning before 11am and you have the whole day to work on them and submit your review anytime that same day.
Also every Monday we meet on zoom for 90 minutes where we share our wins for the week and believe me EVERYBODY will have wins.  You will be surprised at how quickly you will start to feel hope and positivity because you are taking back control of your own health and it's a lot easier than you thought possible. 
We also go over the week's schedule on this zoom call and answer any questions.  This is always a wonderful call hearing everybody's wins and excitement for the week ahead.
Can a spouse / friend / carer do the program with / instead of person with Parkinson's?
Yes we have had mother & daughter, husband & wife and sisters do the course together. Often (especially for new diagnosed clients) it's hard for the person with Parkinson's to communicate their feelings or the partner want's to learn how they can support their loved one better.  We also have loved ones do the course on their own because the person with Parkinson's doesn't' want to do it but their loved ones wants to learn more so they can help them even if they are not on the course.   Every single partner that did the course said the course improved their quality of life on a personal level on top of learning how to life better with Parkinson's and lifelong friendships have been formed.
What will we be learning / practicing thought the 8 weeks.
You'll be learning a range of different modalities from Neuro plasticity, Breath work, Mindset, Gratitude, Affirmations, Meditation, Smovey, Tapping about the right foods & supplements and much more.
How much time is required to participate in the course?
You will need to dedicate at least 6o to 90 minutes per day.  At the start, it's a lot of learning about the benefits of each modality and then practicing it and the further we get into the course, the more you are learning and the more practices you have to do.  You will also be engaging with other members of the group which is beneficial for all.  Unless you are happy to dedicate at least 60 minutes per day to this healing program, this is not the course for you.  What you put into this program will be in exact proportion to the results of your contribution.
What do I need to participate in the course?
1) You need commitment of at least 60 - 90 minutes per day to focus on your healing.
2) You need to have your own Facebook page and use zoom.
3) Invest in 2 journals – 1 for your daily activities and another for your gratitude journal.
How much does the program cost?
Your investment is €299 for the total program for the 8 weeks, which breaks down to only €5.33 per day for daily coaching from me.  If there are 2 members from the same family, (or a carer/friend) we have a reduced rate of €199 per person.
What others have said about this course?
Please have a look at the at the bottom of this email to see testimonials from people just completed the current course.
What next?
If you are interested in this transformation journey, please email me for application form.

What past clients are saying

My name is Jane and I am a Specialists in exercise for people with Parkinson's over 20 years  and have been an observer and participant in the course run by Irene Treacy called the Neuro Alignment programme.
I have been delighted to observe with the Neuro Alignment course, that in the beginning the course participants were understandably nervous, but very quickly everyone gelled and they all came out of their shells and changed completely. Where they were once quite depressed and dejected they soon became upbeat and positive. In fact, the positivity shone through all their posts and videos. It was wonderful to watch.
Irene Treacy has to be congratulated for making this happen by introducing the participants to meditation, visualisation, positive thinking and talks and seminars by leaders in their fields.  Irene has included the latest medical research and the latest seminars given on how changing your way of thinking can affect not only your brain but your physical symptoms too. Incredibly uplifting evidence on how you can rewire your brain and obtain some important healing is explained and how tuning in to your own spirituality can be life changing.
This course is evidence led and I have watched as the participants have called it not only a life changing experience but also a life saver. Everyone appears to be so different now from when I watched their videos at the beginning of the course because Irene has encouraged them to look inside themselves and take an active part in their own transformation rather than be a victim of their diagnosis, however terrible.
This course is a safe place, without any judgement for anyone living with a long term neurological condition and I urge you to take part. It will change your life.
Jane Cullen, Exercise specialist/teacher for 20 years.

I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease in 2007 at age 40. After living with the condition for 14 years, I wish a course like Neuro Alignment had been available when I was starting out on this journey. My approach would have been so different.Neuro Alignment has been just what I needed. I now have a range of techniques that I can call on to help with my non-motor and motor symptoms. I also a daily routine which supports my wellness and journey of recovery.The course covered a wide and varied range of interesting topics, from gratitude to self-limiting beliefs and breathing techniques to meditation.Irene Tracey leads the course in a pragmatic, down to earth way.  Her knowledge is so deep and vast, which makes zoom meetings, videos and feedback, great opportunities to learn more about the topics.Irene's effervescent personality and passion for the course content makes for a pleasure-able learning experience.I found the concepts within the course easy to understand. I did have some knowledge of them prior to starting the course.I had to ensure that I dedicated time every day to course work. Any complacency could easily lead to a build up of tasks. I was happy to commit my time as it was an investment in my own wellness. As the saying goes 'You get out what you put in'.I particularly enjoyed learning about the breathe and it's impact on your health. Energy exchange/connectedness and the science behind it was also fascinating.  I have reaped so many benefits from the course:

• box breathing technique increased the on time of my medication by 30 minutes
• my apathy is under control;
• I have a more positive outlook;
• my mental health is better;
• My handwriting improved;
• I'm more positive about my future health and feel in control of my condition;
• New friendships have been made.

I'd highly recommend this course to anyone that's looking to feel better; change your life; expand your mind; bring yourself into alignment through your body; mind; spirit connection or is open to it. Wants to take control of their recovery. If you don't want or think you need to improve your condition. If you don't believe we influence our health through our thoughts or energy.  This course is not for you. It will change your life. It's changed mine for the better and was worth every euro that i invested in myself!

Thank you Irene. Your passion, commitment and caring will take Neuro Alignment around the world and back.

This course is a must for anyone with a progressive condition like Parkinsons.
15 years living with this condition, a keen researcher of topics relating to neurology and specifically Parkinsons; a passion for alternative medicine, working on my own recovery plan that includes diet, exercise, wellbeing - I thought it would be more of a refresher course for me and an opportunity to meet like minded people. How wrong could I have been. Despite my varied experience and knowledge, this course has been just what I needed to get back into the driving seat. By this, I mean, I had the knowledge, the tools, the plan, but my focus was wrong. I was flitting from one update to a new topic and so on. The course gave me a clear vision on how I could heal myself, and it helped me to restructure my recovery plan to keep my motivation levels high and even on the most challenging days, to keep positive.
In addition to my personal experience of living with the condition for many years and the knowledge I had gained from hours of research, I learned so many new and helpful ways to support my recovery plan.
As a trainer, Irene's animated and passionate style of delivery is infectious. Her knowledge and ability to understand the many complex symptoms of the condition is reassuring and you know instantly she is sharing a very unique journey with you on the programme.
I'd describe the programme In three words as - inspirational, powerful and fun.
Thank you Irene for everything you have done to encourage and support me.
Jackie Potter

I am a Carer for my Husband with Parkinson's Disease, and I wanted to learn more about the condition, but to my delight I found it has helped me tremendously as well.

The course includes everything from Correct Breathing Techniques
Relieve Stress, eating a healthy diet, the importance of water, meditation, affirmations & much more.

I really loved the course.  We had our Zoom calls, updates on how we were doing. We made new like minded friends and encouraged each other under Irene's expert guidance.

I would strongly recommend this course to people who have Parkinson's, to Carer's and Health Professionals alike. The health information here is amazing and has had a positive change in my thinking and behaviour.   It has changed my mindset from being negative to being a positive person and In the process I am not eating junk food anymore and feeling the benefits of it.

The course involves huge commitment of at least one hour per day but the rewards are worth the work.
Put in the work and you will be a different person. You will have more energy. It is very competitively priced, actually it is priceless for all the results achieved, . We each had a buddy to encourage one another. We had many laughs and great friendships were made on this journey that will last a lifetime.

The style of teaching is outstanding. Irene is so passionate, kind and caring, and a true Professional in her Field. She has provided us with the most up to date information and scientific research on how the mind and body works. 

I am so much happier in myself. More self-confident as are all our group. I have learned so much from Irene and could not praise her highly enough. She is outstanding in her approach to the course, the layout of it, everything.  I owe her a debt of gratitude.
Many Thanks
Geraldine Crowley

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