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I have been working with people with Parkinson’s for two years and could not understand why some were making remarkable improvements while others did for a short time and then reverted back to their previous condition.

Over time, by spending lots of time with my clients and building up relationships that we became friends, I discovered that it was the people themselves were making the changes. It was clear to see, the people that were making committed, dedicated strides to their own recovery, were the ones that were having remarkable improvements in their quality of life.
Have faith in yourself; develop confidence in your own power, reliance upon your own resources. If you believe you can, you will; if you think you can’t, you will fail.

There is much truth in the old Latin motto:

"Possunt quia posse videntur." They can, because they think they can.

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.
— Henry Ford 1947

I also discovered by spending quality time with my clients (sometimes 2 to 3 hours per session) that a lot of them had no idea of the benefits of having the right mindset, that exercise is as important as medication, that nutrition plays a vital role in our recovery and that even recovery was possible.

Unfortunately, I met so many people with Parkinson's that said to me “what is the point in doing all this exercise, eating healthy etc when we have a degenerative condition and we are only going to get worse”. That really broke my heart and I knew then that I had a responsibility to create a positive platform where I could show these PWP that it is possible to recover and show them how - hence “Helping People with Parkinson’s” was born. I created this 5 week Education and Exercise Programme to show people that with belief, determination and hard work through forming a positive mindset, consistent daily exercise routine, making lifestyle changes to eat healthy and try complimentary therapies to suit your personal preference that possibilities of improvement are endless.

The course is structured where we have a topic of the week with a professional in that field to discuss how their knowledge and experience can help people with parkinson's with a questions and answers session. We also do 20 minutes exercise, work on our handbook and have a general chat over a much loved cup of tea where people can talk about what's on their mind.  This is always a favorite part of the day as people really can discuss their fears, hopes and really get connected to like minded people and great friendships are formed here.

1st Guest Speaker - Psychotherapist

Mindset, Meditation & Gratitude – Importance of mindset to prepare for your journey of recovery is vital. It’s imperative to keep in a positive mindset and work continually on your progress daily. You need to believe it to achieve it. We work together on different skills to reduce stress and anxiety like breathing technique’s, EFT, Meditation. We go through the workbook which concentrates on gratitude, making short and long term goals and activity plans to achieve those goals and much more.

2nd Guest Speaker Physio, Physical or Occupational Therapist

Exercise is as important as medication and we cover different movement patterns and the benefits of massage. We work on increasing balance, coordination, mobility and improving gait and reducing falls. We also work on cognitive and brain training exercises from quizzes , hand exercises and smovey. Exercise creates B.D.N.F which is miracle growth for the brain and we work together on achieving our exercise goals together.

3rd Guest Speaker - Nutritional Therapist

It’s so important to eat the right foods and just as important to know which foods to avoid. We cover how food can affect different medications and the importance of taking your medication correctly. We also cover various natural supplements and how to reduce toxic intake into your body. We will also give some lovely healthy home made receipies that will be very good to promote a healthy recovery plan.

4th Guest Speaker - Holistic Therapist

There are so many different holistic tools and therapies out there to help people with Parkinson’s from Alexander Technique, Somatic Experiencing, Tapping, Sound, Light, Vibration Therapies, Dry Needling etc. We trial and review various methods and try and find out what suit’s you best.

Exercise - smoveyMED

Exercise is as important as medication and smoveyMED is the foundation of exercise for all these programmes. Each week you will be given a different exercise routine to practise – starting off with the basic core 4; then getting a little harder every week focusing on balance, coordination, increasing mobility, reducing anxiety, improving digestion system and reducing falls. Smovey exercise and wellness tool was invented by Austrian Tennis player, Saltzhans and designed and managed by Swiss neurologist Dr. Ivan Di Stefano and supported by a team of medical doctors and scientists.


Every course comes with a workbook which includes personalised recovery plan and you must complete your workbook including your short and long-term goals, your daily gratitude section, sleep pattern, exercise, chart & meal plan. This is a great way to keep all participants encouraged, motivated and involved with the course.


  • 10.00am
    Introduction to Irene & Team
  • 10.15am
    How this course was formed
  • 10.30am
    Structure of Course & Introduction to psychotherapist
  • 10.45am
    Depression & Anxiety
    Breathing & Mediation
  • 11.30am
    Questions & Answers
  • 11.45am
    Toilet Break
  • 11.55am
    Group Introductions & what they what from course with Tea and Coffee
  • 12.15pm
    Smovey – Explanation of smovey & core 4 exercises
  • 12.40pm
    Go through workbooks
  • 1.00pm

Last quick clip is by my friend and mentor , Dr. Gary Sharpe who got Parkinson’s at the age of 35 ( 8 years ago) and said that 100% stress was the manifesto of his Parkinsons and Gary not only believes he has the power for his own recovery but he is documenting the journey and can follow him on or contact through facebook. You will see many references to Gary’s work through this programme as he is one of the most dedicated, hard-working people that I have ever met that is not just committed to helping his own recovery but the recovery of PWP around the World.

Have a look at this quick link and I can personally vouch Gary has made significance improvements since then. (We are now April 2018)

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