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5 Week Education & Exercise Course for People with Parkinson's

WHERE: Butlers Community Centre, Johns Park, Waterford

WHEN: 08.05.2019 10:00 06.06.2019 12:30
5 Week Course (on Wednesdays)


Week 1 - 8th May - Neuro linguistic Programmer - Michael Connolly

Michael Connolly is a Master Practitioner of Neuro linguistic programming and a psychotherapist that has helped thousands of people overcome massive obstacles such as anxiety, depression, changing a traumatic memory of your past to programming a better future for yourself. Michael has experience in working directly with people with MS and Parkinson's and one of my Parkinson's clients said " How is it possible that I feel so much better just by working with Michael and the techniques he uses"
Michael achieves successful results consistently in his clinic and I'm very honoured to have him as our 1st speaker.

Week 2 - 15th May - Physiotherapist - Dr Ryan Foley

Exercise is as important as medication and we cover different movement patterns and the benefits of massage. We work on increasing balance, coordination, mobility and improving gait and reducing falls. Ryan is passionate about creating a neurologically integrated state for all clients on the course and will give brain exercise to work on at home which will help rebalance the brain

Week 3 - 22nd May - Jemma Kehoe - Nutritionist

It’s so important to eat the right foods and just as important to know which foods to avoid. We cover how food can affect different medications and the importance of taking your medication correctly. We also cover various natural supplements and how to reduce toxic intake into your body.

Week 4 - 29th May - Lisa Shine - Speech & Language Therapist

Lisa Shine is a fully qualified and registered Speech and Language Therapist she has a Masters degree in Speech and Language Therapy with Dysphagia Qualification.
Lisa will be exercises focused on the prevention of any speech, language and swallowing issue

Week 5 - 5th June - Review and Results

This is always a very emotional week as all the participants review their journey and notice the improvement in themselves and their colleagues. Special friendship and bonds are formed that will last long after the course is over.

Exercise - Smovey

Exercise is as important as medication and smovey is the foundation of exercise for all these programmes. Each week you will be given a different exercise routine to practise – starting off with the basic core 4; then getting a little harder every week focusing on balance, coordination, increasing mobility, reducing anxiety, improving digestion system and reducing falls.

Work Book

Every course comes with a workbook which includes personalised recovery plan and you must complete your workbook including your short and long-term goals, activity plan, your daily gratitude section, sleep pattern, exercise, chart & meal plans which must be completed daily.

Irene Treacy - smoveyCOACH, PD Warrior & Parkinson’s Regeneration Trained, NLP Practitioner

Wednesday (8th May)
10:00 12:30
Wednesday (15th May)
10:00 12:30
Wednesday (22nd May)
10:00 12:30
Wednesday (29th May)
10:00 12:30
Wednesday (5th June)
10:00 12:30

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