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Free Yoga and Meditation for Neurological disorders

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This is a FREE class to give you an idea of what we do and how it can benefit you.

Join in this easy but extremely effective chair yoga and Smovey class for people with Neurological Conditions.
We will start the class with deep breathing and meditation which can be great distraction technique for people that are in pain or discomfort, this will also be a beneficial tool to help you manage your condition when you are at home and away from the comfort and security of the class environment.
We will then do some chair yoga to help increase mobility and flexibility – starting off the 1st week very easy and progressing as the weeks go by. We will also be using vibration therapy tools called “smoveyMED” which have had remarkable results for people with neurological conditions as the vibrations increase circulation and reduce inflammation throughout the body.

The Exercise Part of the class will be for the 1st hour and the remaining 30 minutes will be socialising which has been scientifically proven to increase B.D.N.F. which is miracle growth for the brain.

These smoveyMED tools (invented by Austrian man with Parkinson’s and Swiss Neurologist and has a full medical and scientific board ) have also helped people increase balance, strength, coordination, posture, flexibility and mobility.

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Irene Treacy is PD Warrior and Parkinson’s Regeneration Trained, a certified yoga instructor specializing in brain injuries and Ireland's 1st smoveyCOACH. Irene is also a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and currently studying to become a Holistic Councillor.

Free Class is Monday the 14th October with the 5 week course starting the following week .

Spaces are limited and can be booked by calling 085 8525766 or emailing

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