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Fitness for 50's+ with smovey

WHERE: Rebound Fitness centre, Riverstown Industrial Estate, Tramore

WHEN: 19.11.2018 10:00 17.12.2018 11:00


Fitness for 50's+ with smovey is a great fun way to boost your fitness levels whilst improving your health and wellness. Classes are great for all levels and during the 5 week programm will gradually get harder as your ability improves

SmoveyMED is a hand held tool that works on vibration therapy and is medically back by a neurologist and a team of Doctors.

Doing simple exercises with this tool has seen great results in:-

  • Improving Mobility
  • Improving Ballance
  • Imprving Coordination
  • Improving Circulation
  • Improving Core Strength
  • Much more

Each participant will also receive a copy of the exercises on a dvd to take home

For more information please call 0858525766 or email 

10:00 11:00

Smovey & Yoga for Neurological Disorders

WHERE: Tramore Communtiy Centre, Pond Road, Tramore

WHEN: 21.11.2018 10:00 19.12.2018 11:00


Smovey and Yoga for people with neurological disorders.

Esther is a qualified Yoga instructor, smoveyMED practitioner, Craniosacral therapist, sound & movement therapist. 

Esther will be working each week to help build mobility, balance, coordination, circulation, fitness and much more through smovey exercises and yoga. Taking individuals abilities into consideration she will build up the exercises gradually over the 5 weeks.

If you would like more information please call 0858525766 or email 


10:00 11:00

5 Week Education & Exercise Programme to Improve Quality of Life for People with Parkinson's

WHERE: Carraichpherish Library, Gracedieu, Waterford

WHEN: 28.01.2019 10:00 25.02.2019 13:00
5 Week Programme

From €150.00

Week1 - 2nd October - Psychotherapist Mr. David Wade

Mindset, Meditation & Gratitude – Importance of mindset to prepare for your journey of recovery is vital. You must keep in a positive mindset and work continually on your progress daily. You need to believe it to achieve it. We focus on essential breathing exercise, gratitude, motivation, affirmations and goal setting.

Week 2 - 9th October - Physiotherapist Dr. Ryan Foley

Exercise is as important as medication and we cover different movement patterns and the benefits of massage. We work on increasing balance, coordination, mobility and improving gait and reducing falls. Ryan is passionate about creating a neurologically integrated state for all clients on the course and will give brain exercise to work on at home which will help re-balance the brain.

Week 3 - 16th October - Nutritional Therapist Ms Jemma Kehoe

It’s so important to eat the right foods and just as important to know which foods to avoid. We cover how food can affect different medications and the importance of taking your medication correctly. We also cover various natural supplements and how to reduce toxic intake into your body.

Week 4 - 23rd October - Alexander Technique Practitioner Ms. Tina Kiely

Alexander Technique is proven as an excellent technique to help people with Parkinson’s to improve posture, balance, gait and even getting in and out of chair/bed better. Again Tina will give you exercises to practise at home which when practiced daily will have massive contribution to you overall improvement.

Week 5 - 30th October - Review and Recap

This is always a very emotional week as all the participants review their journey and notice the improvement in themselves and their colleagues. Special friendship and bonds are formed that will last long after the course is over.

Exercise - smovey

Exercise is as important as medication and smovey is the foundation of exercise for all these programmes. Each week you will be given a different exercise routine to practise – starting off with the basic core 4; then getting a little harder every week focusing on balance, coordination, increasing mobility, reducing anxiety, improving digestion system and reducing falls.


Every course comes with a workbook which includes personalised recovery plan and you must complete your workbook including your short and long-term goals, activity plan, your daily gratitude section, sleep pattern, exercise, chart & meal plans which must be completed daily.

Irene Treacy - smoveyCOACH, PD Warrior & Parkinson’s Regeneration Trained, NLP Practitioner


Weekly Schedule:

10.00am - Introduction by Irene Treacy, Course Creator
10.15am - Talk about relevance of this week speaker to Parkinson’s
10.30am - Introduction to guest speaker
11.30am - Questions & Answers
11.45pm - Tea Break
12.00pm - Smovey - Specific Parkinsons Exercises focusing on increasing strength, mobility, coordination, energy, improving posture, balance and gait plus much more
12.30pm - Go through workbooks & homework
12.45pm - Questions & Answers

1.00pm - Finish

Monday (28nd January)
10:00 13:00
Monday (4th February)
10:00 13:00
Monday (11th February)
10:00 13:00
Monday (18th February)
10:00 13:00
Monday (25th February)
10:00 13:00

1 Adult

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smoveyMED Training

WHERE: Waterford

WHEN: 23.02.2019 09:00 24.02.2019 18:00
Two-day Training

From €249.00

Participants will receive a certificate as smoveyMED practitioner after completion of the 2-day training. Those who have undergone smoveyMED training may introduce vibration training with smoveyMED to their existing healthcare range and offer related practical activities under their own responsibility and personal liability.

09:00 18:00
09:00 18:00


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smoveyCOACH Single

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Two-day Helping People with Parkinson's Course

WHERE: Creaton Lodge, New Ross, Wexford

WHEN: 25.03.2019 10:00 26.11.2019 17:30
Two-day Course

From €247.00

2 day helping people with Parkinson’s course at Creaton Lodge New Ross, Wexford. 2 Bed and Breakfast, 2 lunch and 2 dinner, 5 learing and 3 exercise sessions with resident Helping People with Parkinson’s therapists that have all had proven results.

09:00 16:00
Wednesday (Meditation)
21:00 21:30
09:00 16:00
Thursday (Meditation)
21:00 21:30

Person Sharing

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Single Room

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