Exercise is proven to be as beneficial as medication (some say even more important) as exercise and can slow the progression of the condition and sometimes even reverse symptoms. I have worked with many many clients that have improved their condition and they believe that smovey has been a contributing factor to improving their condition.

The main exercise we go through the programme is smovey exercise and wellness tool which was invented by the Austrian Tennis player, Saltzhans who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over 20 years ago. It’s only due to the improvement of Salzhans own condition that it was made into the commercial product we have today.

Below you will find links explaining how to use smovey and the benefits of smovey.

This is a 5-week course and we have 5 different smovey sessions starting with the core 4 which is the basic moves to build the foundation of getting the most out of smovey. Below you will see the 1st session and as every person with Parkinson's is different, people will advance onto the next session at their own pace. Some will find they are perfectly able to do the core 4 after one week and move onto session 2, whereas others will find more difficult and then I’d recommend staying on session 1 until you have mastered it. There is no time frame as to when you must finish the course, so take your time and master the technique before moving onto the next session.

Here is Session 1 – The Core 4

Full 5 sessions available when you join the course programme or available from www.smoveyhealth.com

Research has shown that exercise can improve gait, balance, tremor, flexibility, grip strength and motor coordination. Exercise such as smovey, treadmill training and biking have all been shown to benefit, along with Tai Chi and yoga. So far, studies have shown:

  • Engaging in any level of physical activity is beneficial, rather than being sedentary — this is associated with improved motor symptoms.
  • For people with mild to moderate PD, targeted exercises can address specific symptoms, for example, aerobic exercise improves fitness, walking exercises assist in gait, resistance training strengthens muscles
  • Exercise may also improve cognition, depression and fatigue, but the research is still ongoing in these areas.

One study showed that people with PD who exercised regularly for 2.5 hours a week had a smaller decline in mobility and quality of life over two years. Research is ongoing to discover therapies that will change the course of the disease.

There is a strong consensus among physicians and physical therapists that improved mobility by exercising may improve thinking, memory and reduce the risk of falls. By avoiding complications from falls you can prevent further injury. At this time, we know that people who exercise vigorously, for example running or cycling, have fewer changes in their brains caused by aging. Studies in animals suggest exercise also improves PD symptoms.

Neurologists within the Parkinson’s Foundation Center of Excellence network recommend a regimented exercise programme to their patients and also to people who are worried about getting PD due to a family connection.

I have been working with people with Parkinson's since January 2016 and I have not come across a better, more tailored exercise for PWP than smovey. As it was invented by a man who has Parkinson's and it's only through his own improvement, that it was made into the commercial product we have today. It was redesigned by a Swiss Neurologist in 2018 and is supported by a medical team of doctors and scientists that have all worked with people with neurological conditions who have benefited from this wonderful tool we call smovey

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