I am a Carer for my Husband with Parkinsons & wanted to learn more about the condition, to my delight I found it has helped me tremendously also. The course includes everything from correct Breathing Techniques, Relieve Stress, eating a healthy diet, importance of water, meditation, affirmations & much more.I really loved the course. We had our Zoom calls, updates on how we were doing. We made new like minded friends and encouraged each other under Irene's expert guidance. I would strongly recommend this course to people who have Parkinson's, to Carer's and Health Professionals alike.

Geraldine Crowley

The course gave me a clear vision on how I could heal myself, and it helped me to restructure my recovery plan to keep my motivation levels high and even on the most challenging days, to keep positive. I gained from hours of research, learned so many new and helpful ways to support my recovery plan. Irene's animated and passionate style of delivery is infectious. Her knowledge and ability to understand the many complex symptoms of the condition is reassuring and you know instantly she is sharing a very unique journey with you on the programme.

Jackie Potter

I am an exercise teacher who specialises in teaching people with neurological conditions. have been part of this group, more as an observer really & I would highly recommend this course. Pulling together the latest research and science on neuroplasticity and how our thoughts can affect our well being, there is life changing content here for anyone who needs it. I have watched as people change their mindset completely & turn their lives around. I would highly recommend the Neuro Alignment course. It is, quite frankly, mind blowing & superb.

Jane Cullen

Neuro Alignment will open a whole new world in the possibility of our healing through the power of breathing, gratitude, meditation, visualization, spiritual connection, with energy tracing & EFT tapping & positive thinking, with the belief in the power of the mind. It may sound too good to be true but it works if you do the work. I have worked with Irene on many aspects. She first was my Smovey coach and now she is my Neuro alignment coach. She is the most compassionate and empathetic person you will ever meet. She practices what she teaches and will help guide you on a path of healing.

Kathy Rinehart Hansen

What a fantastic course. I joined, unsure whether I would learn anything, as a retired doctor I thought I was fairly well versed on the various treatment options available... Topics ranged from gratitude, breathing and why we shouldn't watch the news, to the stages of grief, visualisation, meditation and many more. I learned something new almost every day, I have put into practice many of the things we learned as they make me feel better.It was great to meet wonderful, funny & inspirational people on the course & whom I still meet on a weekly in the Graduate course.

Dr. S Lorimor (retired)

I'd highly recommend this course to anyone that's looking to feel better; change your life; expand your mind; bring yourself into alignment through your body; mind; spirit connection or is open to it. Wants to take control of their recovery. Box breathing technique increased the on time of my medication by 30 minutes; my apathy is under control; I have a more positive outlook; my mental health is better; My handwriting improved;, I'm more positive about my future health and feel in control of my condition; New friendships have been made. Thank you Irene.

S Machmer

This course has been the single best investment I've ever made in myself & my health. It is directed by Irene with such passion, drive & dedication. The program is jam packed with material which is all backed by science which was a big key for me. Personally, my mind is now healthier than its been since pre-diagnosis over 14 years ago. My body is improving every day & will continue to do so following the daily routine that the course provides. It's not easy & requires commitment & dedication but has become such a joy for me seeing & feeling the results.

Paul McCurtin

I have Multiple Sclerosis for 22 years now. Its affecting me more in recently, I find it very debilitating & restricting. I was introduced to Smovey 4 weeks ago by my friend in MS Ireland and was then given classes on by Irene. I do most of the exercises sitting down and have increased strength in my arms. I can honestly say that I feel so much better since I have started using Smovey I am bringing them on holiday with me as I'd hate to miss my exercises with them. I can't explain how it works - I just know it does! I would highly recommend Smovey to everybody.

As i know Irene Treacy is meeting the inventor of the smoveys i would like to say thank you to him! Before smoveys i was in a rut and when Irene introduced me to smoveys in april I was over the moon... simple to use and easy to incorporate in my busy schedule. I walk with Smoveys to work and back... my hips are no longer stiff; before my walk was stiff I found it hard to even rotate them, but walking with smoveys has improved that so much as well as my shoulders... I use to go to physio every month since using them i go every three months now.


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